On December 15, 2005, we made our first loan to the United Methodist Relief Center.  Ten years, 275 loans, and $22.8 million in financing later, we continue to make progress towards our vision of ensuring equitable access to capital that creates thriving, prosperous, economically resilient communities for all South Carolinians.

We’ve had many partners along the way who have contributed to our success, including the following who have played an instrumental role in our growth over the past ten years.

George Morrison

A lawyer with McNair Law Firm, George has provided our organization with more than a quarter of a million dollars in pro bono legal services since 2005, and serves on our Housing Loan Committee.

Anita Zucker

A business leader and philanthropist, Anita strengthened our impact investment strategy as the first individual investor in our revolving loan fund.

Tammie Hoy Hawkins

Tammie served as executive director during our formative years and held the position until 2010. Much of our growth and success during this time is attributed to her passion, dedication, and commitment to our mission.

Nate Barber

As Senior Vice President of South State Bank, Nate has been instrumental in raising awareness and professional standards of community development financial institutions in South Carolina. He has also facilitated our partnership with South State Bank, who was one of the first financial institutions to invest in our revolving loan fund and the first to renew and increase its investment.

Steve Wichmann

As Senior Vice President of Heritage Trust Federal Credit Union, Steve was instrumental in HTFCU becoming the first and currently only credit union investor in our revolving loan fund. 

Lavastian Glenn

As Program Officer for the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation (MRB), Lavastian has been instrumental in supporting the growth of our organization.  MRB has provided us with multi-year operating support since 2007, and was the first investor in our revolving loan fund.

Joanne LeClair

As Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo, Joanna chaired an ad hoc committee of our board of directors that led to the U.S. Treasury CDFI application and approval in 2007.

Valarie Williams

As Executive Director of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority, Valarie was instrumental in their award of a $1M HAPP grant in 2005 that served as seed capital for our organization.

Vince Graham

As our founding board chairman, Vince was instrumental in the formation of what was then called the Charleston Housing Trust. He remains our partner, working towards creating equitable access to affordable housing for all residents of the Charleston region.

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

In the early 2000's, Mayor Riley tasked a subcommittee of the Mayor’s Council on Homelessness and Affordable Housing with investigating creative ways of financing affordable housing within the City of Charleston. The subcommittee's recommendation-to create a non-profit organization to holistically address the issue. Mayor Riley's support, along with that of the City of Charleston, remains invaluable to the success of our organization.