Over the past 20 years there has been a tremendous need for affordable housing throughout the Lowcountry. Vital members of our community– teachers, firefighters, policemen, paramedics, and service industry workers- could not afford to house their families. Statistics compiled by the federal government indicate that over 45% of the households in the tri-county earn less than $44,700. People earning these wages simply could not afford the rising cost of housing in the tri-county area that hovered above the $200,000 mark and many were devoting over half their income to shelter. The supply of safe, sanitary, affordable housing simply could not meet the demand. 

The silver lining in what has been called the greatest Housing Crisis in American history is that “Homeownership continues its more than year-long trend of remaining within reach of more households than it has for almost two decades,” says National Association of Home Builders chairman Bob Jones.  Read More