Did you know that nearly half of the people coming to food pantries today are working a full-time job, sometimes two and three jobs, to make ends meet?

“When we ask those in need to share the circumstances of their situations, they talk about affordable housing and mortgages, living wages and accessible health care. Without health care, a simple or a severe case of the flu which results in a hospital visit could be a major disaster. With all of these challenging conditions, families are forced into some very tough decisions. These are choices that a parent who is working hard every day should not have to make.”  Check out this 2008 Charleston Currents article from D. JERMAINE HUSSER, Executive Director of the Lowcountry Food Bank. 

CLF believes that this article is still timely and very relevant. For most families, housing is their single largest annual expenditure.  Looking for an Rx for Hunger: Affordable Housing!