Today marks National Philanthropy Day and while you might at first associate philanthropy with giving money to causes like education, the arts or children’s issues, don’t forget philanthropy begins at home – literally. You can support the SC Community Loan Fund and help provide decent, quality housing for everyone.

For an organization like ours it’s important for donors to understand the many ways they can contribute to CLF and thereby have a direct impact on affordable housing in the Lowcountry and coastal South Carolina.

Recent research shows about 45 percent of organization received half of their contributions from individual donors. That means other fundraising sources are important, including bequests, foundations and corporations.

We encourage individuals or businesses with a heart for housing to support us:

  • Donations
  • Stock transfer
  • Pledge
  • Matching gifts
  • In-kind gifts
  • Real estate gifts

An important benefit of investing with CLF is that we provide a positive social impact on our local community while offering investors a financial return on their investment. All investments have a below-market return of 2 percent, require a minimum investment of $25,000 and have a minimum term of five years.

There are also a number of state and federal tax benefits available to our investors.

Learn more about how to support us. What better time to start than National Philanthropy Day!