We all take it for granted that when we need milk, bread, fruit and other healthy food, most of us can jump in our car for the quick trip to the grocery store on the corner.

Check out a story in the Dec. 14 issue of the City Paper that tackles the issue of what’s called a food desert and mentions individuals and organizations in the region who are trying to do something about it — including SC Community Loan Fund.

If you’ve never heard of a food desert, the USDA describes it as a low-income neighborhood with high concentrations of people who are at least 1 mile from a grocery store in urban areas and 10 miles in rural areas.

The City Paper mentions our role in the fight against food deserts. We received a $500,000 capital grant in October that will be used to finance the development of food retail outlets in areas most in need of access to healthy, affordable food. We’ve already made one loan to Lowcountry Produce; the money will be used to open a produce market/restaurant in Beaufort’s old city hall.

Read the full story in the City Paper.

After you read the article, click here to visit the USDA’s food desert indicator. Zoom in on the Lowcountry and you’ll be able to click on census tracts to see the percentage of the population within each tract without access to a grocery store. In some cases, its 100%. Wow.