Charitable giving in the U.S. increased 3.8% in 2010, according to a recent annual report released by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

The slight increase came after two straight years of decline. And while it’s a positive step in the right direction, the Center on Philanthropy estimates it will take seven more years before nonprofits are back to where they were in 2007.

The recession has impacted almost every individual’s and every organization’s ability to give. Although in a recent USA Today article, almost seven in 10 adults surveyed say it’s important to give because of the recession.

The numbers for 2010:

  • Total charitable giving in the U.S. went up 3.8% to $290.8 billion (in inflation adjusted dollars).
  • Annual individual giving increased 2.7% to $211.8 billion.
  • Annual corporate giving increased 10.6% to $15.3 billion.
  • Number of volunteers decreased about 1% to 62.8 million.

Source: USA Today

What’s been your approach for giving to nonprofits and charitable organizations throughout the recession? Did you stop giving, have you started again and what causes are important to you? Let us know!

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