Charleston affordable housingDid you know that April was Community Service Month? We think celebrating “something” each month is a great way to bring awareness to that “cause.” It’s gets people involved, with the goal that people not only take action during the official month of celebration, but all year long.

Community Service Month is close to our hearts. As you know, SC Community Loan Fund is a regional affordable housing advocate and financier working to address the housing crisis facing the local community.

There are so many people in our local community that are without basic human needs: food, shelter and clothing. It helps that there are great organizations in our area that do help provide some of these basic needs. But these organizations, including SC Community Loan Fund, cannot do it alone. You know how they always say, “It takes a village?” Well, it really does. We need your help and it’s easy to get involved, whether you give of your time, energy and expertise or provide financial support.

If you’re inclined to volunteer, you’re not alone. The Corporation for National and Community Service reports volunteers provide a powerful economic and social benefit to communities across the nation, with 62.8 million adults serving almost 8.1 billion hours through organizations in 2010.

The payback? “Volunteering makes the heart grow stronger,” says David Eisner, CEO of the Corporation for National Community Service, which released a report on the health benefits of volunteering. “More than 61 million Americans volunteer to improve conditions for people in need and to unselfishly give of themselves. While the motivation is altruistic, it is gratifying to learn that their efforts are returning considerable health benefits.”

As we leave April and step into May, we urge you to continue to think about our community and ways in which you can provide support. SC Community Loan Fund provides opportunities throughout the year for you to get involved, so be sure to check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for the latest news and developments.