The United States government is trying to reduce the national debt by $1.2 trillion. One option is to make cuts in the area of defense, but leaders are considering cutting nondefense programs instead. If this happens, an array of federal programs that help individuals and families nationwide will be impacted – everything from education to job training, medical research, child care, worker safety, food safety, national parks, border security and safe air travel.

SC Community Loan Fund is one of nearly 3,000 organizations nationwide currently urging Congress to avert sequestration and adopt a balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not include further cuts to nondefense discretionary programs (NDD).

Here’s a little information about NDD programs:

NDD programs are provided by the government for the benefit of all Americans. They support economic growth, strengthen safety and security, and enrich the lives of every American in every state and community across the nation. In 2011, NDD spending represented less than one-fifth of the federal budget and 4.3 percent of our country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Under strict discretionary caps in the bipartisan Budget Control Act (BCA), by 2021 NDD spending will decline to just 2.8 percent of GDP, the lowest level in at least 50 years. If sequestration is allowed to take effect, cuts to NDD programs will be even deeper.

SC Community Loan Fund believes NDD programs are not the reason for our growing debt, and yet they are always the first place lawmakers look for cuts. Our goal is protect NDD programs from further cuts by educating policymakers about NDD and its small and shrinking share of the economy. It is our hope that Congress will avoid sequestration by adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction that recognizes NDD programs have done their part.

Let SC Community Loan Fund know if you have questions about the NDD programs and how they impact our area. Please contact us at or 843-973-7285.