Create Jobs for USA

Last fall, The Huffington Post and The Skoll Foundation launched the JobRaising Challenge, an innovative competition for non-profits that are creating jobs on the local and national level. Seventy-four organizations have been selected to compete for a share of the $250,000 prize, which is awarded based on how much an organization is able to fundraise through CrowdRise. The intent is to help organizations raise money and awareness while putting Americans back to work.

Earlier this month, Create Jobs for USA was named as a finalist of the JobRaising Challenge. Through March 1, 2013, individuals and organizations are encouraged to donate on their behalf. Every dollar donated brings Create Jobs one step closer to the big prize.

Create Jobs for USA is an initiative between Opportunity Finance Network and Starbucks that was created in 2011. In a little over a year’s time, the initiative has raised $15 million dollars, leveraged $105 million, and created and/or retained more than 5,000 jobs across the country.

As a CDFI, CLF qualified for and received two grants from the Create Jobs for USA Fund. As a result of these two grants, CLF was able to help finance an affordable housing rehabilitation project that created seven construction jobs and brought an estimated $300,000 to the local economy.

Support job creation on the local and national level by supporting Create Jobs for USA today!