Our Results

Investing in people, places, and communities.
Impacting South Carolina.

The projects we finance have a transformative impact on our neighbors and community members.

By offering loans to organizations that often face insurmountable odds in acquiring capital from traditional sources, we influence revitalization efforts that lead to vibrant and sustainable communities.

To transform residential and commercial environments from the inside out, we have provided loans for community development project that have created or retained 3,236 jobs, one healthy food outlets, five community facilities, seven community businesses, 1,162 housing units, and provided a safe and affordable place to call home for 2,905 individuals and families.


Jobs Created or Retained


Housing Units


Community Facilities


Community Businesses


Healthy Food Outlets


Places to Call Home

Through our loan programs, technical assistance, and public policy efforts, we empower community members to make a lasting impact throughout South Carolina.