What is South Carolina’s Housing Recovery Plan?
Once the Federal incentives have gone away what resources with South Carolina commit to keeping the home sales moving? What credits or incentives do we have for our own state? If the market is a more affordable product and the $8,000 tax credit is working, why can’t we identify our very own resource for closing real estate deals to provide additional opportunities? We can’t expect Washington to be the only innovator in keeping the housing market alive?

What Realtor, Home builder, homer buyer , home seller and local government official does not want a little help in making sales happen in this current economy?

We challenge SC to identify their own incentives, their own resources to stimulate the real estate economy otherwise we will continue be shut out of leveraging federal resources locally as we were with NSP 2 and we will continue to EXPECT an $8,000 federal tax incentive extension instead of focusing on what we can do “here” to create more state resources for down payment and closings costs, for acquisition of foreclosed properties and increased resources for financing housing development and rehabilitation while the banks continue to pull back!

Who out there is ready to find a SC solution to “our” housing crisis and stop depending on Washington? Reach out; we wanna hear from you and we need your support! www.sccommunityloanfund.org