Borrower: The Charity Foundation
Loan Amount: $211,375
Location: North Charleston, SC
Project Type: Affordable Housing


Liberty Hill is one of the Lowcountry’s oldest African American communities, having been founded by freed slaves whose descendants still reside in the neighborhood. The Charity Foundation, created by Charity Missionary Baptist Church, is leading the Transformation: Liberty Hill initiative in an effort to increase opportunity for neighborhood residents and   “turn Liberty Hill from a neighborhood of chance to one of choice.” Liberty Hill is surrounded by new development from the East Montague area of North Charleston, but much of that area is not affordable to longtime residents. In response to the growing need for affordable housing, The Charity Foundation has made affordable housing development part of its revitalization plan. However, the Foundation’s status as a relatively new organization has presented a challenge to meeting funding needs for the project.


In order to begin the affordable housing portion of Transformation: Liberty Hill, the Foundation needed a partner with affordable housing expertise and a shared vision of equitable community revitalization. The Charity Foundation approached South Carolina Community Loan Fund to secure financing to build a home on land granted to them by the City of North Charleston. The brand-new, affordably priced home will then be sold to a local resident who successfully completes the Origins homebuyer readiness program. Although SCCLF typically focuses on multi-family affordable housing developments, partnering with Charity Foundation presented an opportunity to act as a catalyst for future developments, providing an affordable means for residents of a historically and culturally significant community to build generational wealth through property ownership.


The loan to The Charity Foundation will create one unit of safe, affordable, owner-occupied affordable housing. However, the potential impact of this project goes far beyond one home. It is the beginning of a larger movement to preserve a historic community while ushering in new investments and neighborhood renewal. It is also an opportunity for a faith-based organization to lead affordable housing efforts via land acquisition and development. Faith-based organizations have long been a cornerstone of SC communities, and their potential to develop assets and lead  local affordable housing efforts can be key to helping address the affordable housing crisis in rapidly growing communities like North Charleston.

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