2020 Election: Plan to be Heard

Date: September 23, 2020
Category: Advocacy

Like just about everything else this year, COVID-19 has changed the voting process, and voters can’t take for granted that we will be able to participate as we have before. Make your voting plan now so you can participate in and help preserve a free and fair election. Use the info below to help ensure your vote is counted.

Check Your Registration

All voters should do this, especially those who have moved or changed their names recently. Verify your information is accurate, and your polling place has not changed. Check your registration status here.

Register to Vote

  • Register in person by 10/2
  • Register online by 10/4
  • Register by mail postmarked by 10/5

Absentee Voting

Absentee voting rules have changed for the 2020 election, and all voters are qualified to vote absentee. Download the application and vote by mail, or vote in person October 5th – November 2.

Check the rules prior to mailing your ballot! The US Supreme Court has ruled that SC mail in ballots must contain a witness signature.

Know the Measures on Your Ballot

Get your sample ballot from the South Carolina Election Commission ahead of time so you can research local candidates and referendums.

Be a Poll Manager

Many former poll workers are expected to stay home this year due to coronavirus concerns, but the election simply can’t happen without them. If you’re able, consider working the polls and helping to ensure the election takes place in spite of the pandemic. Registered voters can apply online.

Access to capital depends on first accessing the ballot box. It’s time to make our plans to show up and be heard, and help others do the same.

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