A Letter from Nate Barber

Date: October 26, 2021
Category: News

Community development is the thread that runs run through my professional life. Because of that, I could not be more pleased to introduce myself as South Carolina Community Loan Fund’s Chief Executive Officer.

Throughout my career, I have worked for small business owners as both an educator and director of a Small Business Development Center. During my 18 years as South State Bank’s Community Development and Community Reinvestment Officer, as well as my time on numerous nonprofit boards, I’ve worked to combat systemic disinvestment in South Carolina’s low- and moderate-income communities. The opportunity to lead SCCLF feels like a culmination of my personal and professional pursuits.

In January 2021, I retired from South State Bank. Like many of you, I watched the pandemic and resulting economic crisis unfold and I saw writ large what community development professionals have said for so long: the ability to withstand and survive hardship is a matter of access. Communities need access to essential services, to affordable housing, to healthy food, and to living wage jobs. They need access to capital. As much as I enjoyed retirement, I could not resist the opportunity to work alongside all of you in a moment in which we have a chance to make real change.

As I mentioned previously, I am an educator. In this moment, I am also a student. I look forward to learning from you about your communities, your businesses, and what you know they need to thrive. Most importantly, I look forward to learning about how we can work together, and how SCCLF can serve you as you work to serve your community.

In Partnership,

Nate Barber
Chief Executive Officer

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