A Special Thank You

Date: December 17, 2014
Category: News

At the end of the year, two founding board members, Peggy Huchet and Henrietta Woodward, will step down from our board of directors.  We sat down with them both to discuss why they joined the board more than ten years ago, what they feel Is the greatest accomplishment the organization has made, and what they hope SCCLF’s future holds.


Peggy Huchet

Why I Joined 

“This was an opportunity to use what I already knew and to make a contribution to my community.”

Prior to moving to South Carolina, Peggy managed the New Jersey State Housing Trust Fund.  Although retired when she moved here, she wanted to stay engaged in the issue of housing and community development.  After responding to an announcement for a ground breaking ceremony, Peggy was connected to the Mayor’s committee to address affordable housing and well, the rest is history.

Greatest Accomplishment

Reputation. Advocacy. Growth.  These are what Peggy sees as SCCLF’s greatest accomplishments.  During the organization’s infancy, affordable housing was not on the local radar.  No one was comprehensively discussing the issue and little support was given to the small number of existing organizations working to provide affordable housing.  SCCLF quickly became the voice of affordable housing in Charleston and later, the entire state.  Peggy is proud of the organization’s commitment and reputation, acknowledging that it stands behind its mission, delivering the services it says it will deliver.  And the organization’s growth cannot be ignored. Peggy is proud of how SCCLF has matured and grown over its short ten-year existence.

What the Future Holds

“Keep the eye on the prize.”

Peggy’s hope for SCCLF is that it remains focused on its mission and that it continues to grow to meet the needs of underserved communities across the state.

Henrietta Woodward

Why I Joined

Henrietta was introduced to the Mayor’s Council on Homelessness through her employer at the time.  When the issue of affordable housing was extracted from the Council to form a stand-alone committee, she transitioned as well.  From the beginning, Henrietta knew that her experience in the non-profit housing arena would be a perfect match for this new group.

Greatest Accomplishment

Prior to SCCLF, there was little attention given to workforce housing.  Most affordable housing programs targeted very low-income populations.    Through advocacy, education, and lending, SCCLF provided assistance to a part of the community often times left out of the discussion.

What the Future Holds

“More financial and technical support for NPOs.”

Henrietta’s hope is that the State of South Carolina provide greater financial support to help organizations meet their mission of providing community and economic development opportunities.  Specific to SCCLF, she hopes that the board will continue to be supportive and adhesive in their approach to be a successful community-focused organization.

On behalf of the board of directors and staff, we thank you for your dedication, passion, and guidance over the past ten years.

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