A Special Thank You for Years of Service with SCCLF

Date: December 19, 2016
Category: News

Earlier this month, at our December board meeting, we recognized five board members who will be rolling off the board at the end of 2016 after years of service with SCCLF: Tony Woody, Bill Stanfield, Pamela Williams, Florence Peters, and Whitney Powers. The contributions of each of these board members have been vital to shaping SCCLF into the organization it is today. On behalf of the board of directors and staff, we thank you for your dedication, passion, and guidance over the years.

Tony Woody, Vice President of Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co: Tony joined the board in 2008, serving as Chairman from 2010 to 2013 and again from 2016 to 2017. As a board member and board Chair, Tony truly dedicated himself to this organization and has always been willing to step up when SCCLF needed him most. He has nurtured this organization with his leadership, expertise, and dedication which have been invaluable to SCCLF. We are very grateful for Tony’s support and nine years of service with the board.

Bill Stanfield
, CEO & Founder of Metanoia: Bill has served on the board since 2011. His wisdom, non-profit experience, and guidance on an array of topics have been very valuable to the organization and its growth. Bill served on several committees during his time with the board and helped advise the board as it embraced a new role focused on policy governance. Bill can always be counted on as a calm voice of reason and reassurance.

“Serving on the Board of the South Carolina Community Loan Fund was like riding a great wave,” Bill remarked, reflecting on his time with the board. “I had the privilege to see the organization go from a small local organization focused only on housing, to a statewide effort affecting holistic community development through its lending efforts.  What has impressed me is not just what has been accomplished but how it has been accomplished. The staff and board have listened well to those they seek to serve and have always carried out their work with great integrity and care.”

Florence Peters, Housing Development Officer for City of Charleston: Florence joined the SCCLF board in 2008.  As the City of Charleston’s representative on the SCCLF board, Florence had a unique and important role. She has a wealth of information on affordable housing activities and funding, and has served as a ready source of ideas for both the staff and board whenever needed. We thank her for her many years of service with the organization.

“I served on the board of SCCLF to bring awareness of the critical need for affordable housing and support services in low-income communities,” Florence explained. “I was blessed to be of service and look forward to SCCLF’s continued growth and influence in the State.”

Pamela Williams
, Senior VP, Corporate Services for Santee Cooper: Pamela has served on SCCLF’s board since 2013. She has been and will continue to be a valued member of the business loan committee, asking all the right questions. Pamela also took part in the governance committee in 2016 and played a lead role in SCCLF’s transition to a statewide board.

“As I came on the board, the SCCLF was just beginning an ambitious expansion into healthy food and a statewide presence,” Pamela said. “It has been gratifying to see the organization grow and succeed in these endeavors. I know that with the current leadership at the staff and board levels, the SCCLF will continue to provide leadership to our communities in advocacy and financing for affordable housing, healthy food and community services.”

Whitney Powers, Vice President of Studio A, Inc.: Whitney has served on the board since 2008 and is a tireless advocate for advocacy. She has been an active participant in every aspect of SCCLF’s growth and evolution throughout the years, and her efforts are the reason advocacy remains an essential part of the SCCLF mission. We are thankful for her time and contributions to the organization.

“As an architect, the most rewarding projects we do are affordable housing, and that same sense of meaning has infused my experience as a board member at the South Carolina Community Loan Fund,” Whitney shared. “It has been an inspiration to be part of an organization that has grown from a local affordable housing agency to a statewide lender for projects that range from affordable housing to community facilities to initiatives that provide healthy food access. This experience has shaped my continuing interest in building stronger, more empowered communities. I believe it is important for every member of the board to recognize this community building aspect of the mission as a metric for decision-making.”

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