Connecting the Dots: Community Facilities

Date: April 1, 2013
Category: Housing

Affordable housing is one component of a healthy community. Another are community facilities, which strengthen the neighborhood fabric and offer services that provide opportunities for individuals and communities.

When a community takes into consideration the full spectrum of needs of its residents, it is more likely to build a sense of place. Studies show that people often times move to an area not only because of housing affordability and proximity to work, but also the amenities, facilities, and resources that the neighborhood offers and that are within walking distance from their home.

Community facilities build communities. They keep people healthy and happy. They provide opportunities for individuals to improve, learn, and succeed. In neighborhoods void of these opportunities, a trickle-down effect is likely to occur. Housing values decrease, abandoned and vacant properties surface, and crime rates rise. Communities must make these opportunities accessible to residents to ensure quality of life and economic prosperity.

CLF believes that a vibrant, sustainable community provides for the needs of its residents. Through its community facility loan program, CLF finances the construction and renovation of community facilities including, but not limited to, recreation centers; day care, health care, and senior centers; homeless shelters; as well as transitional housing in underserved South Carolina communities. Contact Patrick King at to learn more.

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