Doing Business in Metro Charleston: Get to Know Michelle Mapp, CEO of the S.C. Community Loan Fund

Date: July 20, 2016
Category: News

JULY 17, 2016

Michelle Mapp is CEO of the South Carolina Community Loan Fund, a nonprofit agency that finances projects to provide housing, access to food and other services. It also helps to attract businesses, employ community members and stimulate economic activity to transform and revitalize disadvantaged areas.

Since 2004, the Charleston-based agency — formerly the Lowocuntry Land Trust — has provided $27.4 million to help develop more than $221 million in community development projects. The funding has created or retained 3,159 jobs, financed seven healthy food outlets, nine community facilities, 10 community businesses and 1,291 housing units that provided housing for 2,228 people.

Its annual operating budget is $1.7 million and its program budget is $6 million. The agency loans and revolves capital to continually expand and sustain its mission, and it recently adopted a new logo (see page D-12 for more on that.)

Mapp is a certified housing development finance professional by the National Development Council.

She serves on the board of directors for the S.C. Association of Nonprofits, S.C. Community Capital Alliance and the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative.


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