Five Reasons to Sign Up For Feeding Innovation

Date: July 5, 2017
Category: Events

increasing healthy food access in south carolina

The benefits of enrolling in this 8-week course for entrepreneurs wishing to operate a healthy food business are so many, we had trouble narrowing them down to just five! But if you’ve thought about signing up and are on the fence, we hope this list gives you the push you need to apply.

  1. One million South Carolinians live in a food desert.

This means it’s likely that someone right in your community could benefit from your healthy food business idea.

  1. Feeding Innovation offers an unparalleled networking opportunity.

You’ll work through this course alongside other people who care about healthy food access and want to bring their market-based solution to their communities as well. Past participants have noted that this was a highlight of the program.

  1. You’ll leave the program with a finished business plan, which is critical for any business looking to open or expand.

As part of the Feeding Innovation course, you’ll receive instruction from NxLevel courses, and you’ll complete your business plan. This critically important document is a must-have as you work to secure financing for your healthy food business. Let our professional instructors help you solidify your ideas and work around the unique challenges facing healthy food business owners.

  1. We have two concurrent courses this fall, so we’re twice as likely to be in your area!

Learn more about our Colleton session here. It’s hosted by at Colleton Commercial Kitchen in Walterboro. Our Catawba session information is here, and it’s hosted by Clemson Extension at their York county office.

  1. Someone leaves the program with $12,500 in seed capital!

Part of Feeding Innovation is the pitch night at the end of the course. After finishing the course, you will present your business idea to a panel of judges, and a winner will receive seed capital to help them get their business off the ground.

Feeding Innovation is a unique opportunity to get the skills and knowledge you need to bring your healthy food business idea to market. However, time is running out to apply for the program! The deadline to apply for both the Colleton and Catawba sessions is August 18. To apply for the Colleton session, email James at To apply for the Catawba session, email Brendan at

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