Peggy Huchet receives 2013 Palmetto Housing Achievement Volunteer Award

Date: April 24, 2013
Category: Housing

Peggy Huchet, Vice Chair of the SC Community Loan Fund, is the recipient of the 2013 Palmetto Housing Achievement Volunteer Award.  The presentation will take place on April 25th in Columbia.

A founding member of the SC Community Loan Fund, Peggy has played an active role in its success.  She assisted with the development of CLF’s original loan policies and procedures, and was instrumental in guiding the organization to become a Community Development Finance Institution.  Over the past eight years, Peggy has served as Vice Chair of the board of directors, and Chairs both the program and loan review committees.

Prior to joining CLF, Peggy served as the executive director of the New Jersey State Housing Program.  After retiring, Peggy moved to Charleston in 2002.  With her passion for affordable housing, she immediately became involved with local projects and began serving on a small committee of people trying to create a local housing trust.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Peggy continues to foster creativity in the staff and board, and provides the critical but constructive eye when examining possible new programs, changes in our mission, or expansion in our market area.  She continues to be an imaginable gift to the board and staff of the SC Community Loan Fund.

2013 Palmetto Housing Achievement Volunteer Award

The South Carolina Housing Achievement Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions in the state’s affordable housing arena. Nominations are accepted for the following categories: Organization Sector, Housing Development, Elected Official, Creative Partnerships and Volunteer Service.

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