Small Business Success | Hannah Solar Government Services

Date: December 11, 2023

Hannah Solar Government Services (HSGS) was founded by Colonel Dave McNeil, a seasoned electrical engineer and respected Veteran with 30 years of military experience. At a time when HSGS needed it most, Dave received funding from SCCLF. 

Over a decade ago, Dave embarked on a journey to establish a company specializing in engineering and construction power services, primarily to government agencies. Their services are especially vital in ensuring uninterrupted power supply to critical facilities within military bases, VA hospitals, and some commercial establishments. 

Though HSGS is currently thriving, operating in 17 states and seven U.S. territories, the pandemic hit them hard. Most of their government work paused altogether, and they needed funding to pay their bills and stay open. Having exhausted all resources, one of SCCLF’s board members recommended Dave look into funding through SCCLF. 

The funding they received was not only helpful but, in Dave’s own words, “essential.” This support allowed HSGS to not only survive but thrive, expanding their operations and winning accolades for their growth, including being named the fastest-growing business in South Carolina. 

As a disabled Veteran, Colonel McNeil especially appreciated the SCCLF’s focus on serving minority-owned businesses. He shares, “The funding I received was more than helpful, it was frankly essential. If we didn’t receive that loan I’m not sure we’d be in business today.” He goes on to say, “Sometimes you work with people in business because you need to or you have to– but at SCCLF, everyone is nice and caring. They’re looking to help people, not make money.”

If you or someone you know is looking for help to start or grow a business, SCCLF can help. Learn more about our small business loan products and support services today. 

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