Small Business Success | The Grind Coffee Roasters

Date: February 28, 2024

The Grind Roasters, a full-service coffee supply company headquartered in Bluffton, South Carolina specializes in many aspects of the coffee business, and with help from SCCLF continues to grow.

Owner Ian T. Duncan’s visionary approach has been instrumental in the company. Duncan knows good coffee – and it shows through the way he prioritizes Fair Trade or Rainforest beans sourced from sustainable practices that boast authentic flavors. The Grind offer single-origin coffees for a unique experience akin to an aria, as well as blends for a more complex flavor profile akin to a harmonious chorus.

The Grind Roasters now encompass three distinct revenue streams. These include the establishment of two successful retail locations, a robust wholesaling distribution network, and a mobile setup tailored for events.

Recently, the Grind Roasters received a $150,000 loan from SCCLF to expand its market share in wholesale sales, upgrade packaging and marketing materials, and venture into co-packing K-cups.

In addition to product diversification, The Grind Roasters is enhancing its infrastructure with the establishment of a dedicated wholesaling building and plans for a third retail location. These moves underscore the company’s commitment to optimizing operations and expanding its geographic footprint.

In summary, The Grind Roasters’ journey exemplifies strategic planning and adaptability under Ian T. Duncan’s leadership. By staying responsive to market demands and investing in expansion initiatives, the company is well-positioned for continued success in the competitive coffee industry. SCCLF is proud to partner with community builders like The Grind. To learn more about our small business lending click here, to learn more about our development services, click here.

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