South Carolina Food Policy Council to Identify Food Policy Priorities

Date: November 30, 2016
Category: News

The South Carolina Food Policy Council (SCFPC) is working to identify food policy priorities for our state.  To ensure these priorities align with the work that has already taken place due to efforts of many of you, we are seeking any South Carolina based reports, studies, or findings related to food systems.  These include, but are not limited to, the following areas and types: food access, food systems, agricultural studies, food deserts, municipal plans including a food component, etc.  Reports can range from neighborhood to state level in scale.

The SCFPC aims to collect all relevant documents on SC food systems, compile the data, and provide an overview of challenges and opportunities for food systems in the state.  We will then develop more targeted priorities based on common findings.  A complete list of the reports will be provided on the website as well as in the index of this final compilation report.  All findings, examples, and notes from documents provided will be cited to ensure credit is properly noted.

Please email your documents or any questions to by December 15th.  Contact Carrie Draper, Board Chair, with any questions at the above email address or

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