Bloom Behavioral Therapy


Community Facility Loan
Greenville County

Small Business

Therapy offered Madeline Hawkins a sense of stability during a difficult period in her childhood. The gentle care she received from a therapist in her youth guided Madeline’s decision to open her own healing practice in Greenville, South Carolina.

“I know my life would have been different if I had not attended therapy during that time in my life,” she said. “That’s why early childhood intervention is so important. It makes the biggest impact. It definitely helped me.”

Madeline’s practice, Bloom Behavioral Therapy, specializes in Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT). In these sessions, therapists work with parents to coach them through interactions with their children, which in turn helps address behavioral problems and promotes positive parenting.

Bloom Behavioral Therapy is the only practice in Upstate South Carolina that offers this service. The average waiting period for parents seeking child behavioral therapy in the Upstate Region can range from six months to a year.

Madeline shortly realized her business needed to expand to serve the number of families currently on the waiting list.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting my business to grow so fast,” said Madeline, who opened Bloom in 2018. “It just took on a life of its own and it seems like, in order to serve the need for behavioral therapy, it will continue to bloom.”

Madeline’s small business loan with South Carolina Community Loan Fund financed the expansion of her practice into a new building will allow her to serve more underserved families in South Carolina’s upstate region.

Additionally, Bloom’s expansion will create or preserve a total of 21 jobs.

She believes Parent-Child Interactive Therapy could encourage intergenerational healing.

“Once more parents understand other ways to engage and interact with their children, this can lead to generations of people understanding. It can lead to cycle breaking.” She said. “This is generation changing.”

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