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The living conditions for a large amount of low-income South Carolina families are remarkably unsafe.

“I’ve seen places where the roof has leaks in it and cold air was able to easily come in,” said Vincent James. “No one should have to live like that. It is unfit.”

According to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey , 20 percent of people in Rock Hill, South Carolina live below the poverty level. There are not enough affordable housing options in the area to meet the demand for it.
“The affordable housing options in Rock Hill are practically nonexistent,” said Vincent. “I realized the only way to solve the problem was to find a way to help.”

His nonprofit, Church of God Unchanged Ministries (COGUM), serves communities near Rock Hill, South Carolina by providing affordable housing and other resources to low-income families in need of assistance.

Vincent has over 30 years’ experience in affordable housing development. Often, affordable housing developers must be creative in their efforts to finance their projects due to the competitive nature of limited project funding sources such as grant dollars or tax credits.

COGUM partnered with South Carolina Community Loan Fund to purchase a plot of land, the sale of which will generate funds to support the organization programs and affordable housing efforts. The loan allowed for COGUM to make an investment that will expand their options for future development.

COGUM current has over 70 units with a waiting list of about 150 people. Next year the organization will develop 100 more housing units. As the Rock Hill community grows and the cost of living increases, so will the need for the affordable housing COGUM provides.

“I can’t think of another word other than ecstatic to explain how I feel about being able to continue serving this community with affordable housing,” Vincent said.

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