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Lobeco, South Carolina will become the home to a Black and woman-led healthy food business focused on addressing food insecurity issues in Beaufort County.

“We currently do not have any kind of shop here,” said Danielle Green, owner of LadyBelle Farm Market. “We have a gas station and a restaurant that does not provide an equitable way for people to obtain fresh vegetables.”

LadyBelle plans to provide the Sheldon Township community with a convenient option for obtaining fresh, local fare while providing the area with a delivery service that allows residents to have their food delivered right to their front door.

“We have a lot of elder people in our community who cannot drive to the store,” said Danielle. “And we can provide delivery to them, whether they placed their order online or on the telephone.”

Danielle is the winner of our Feeding Innovation program and the recipient of $20,000 in seed capital.

For eight weeks, she and other participants engaged in an entrepreneurial training program facilitated by Clemson Extension that cover everything needed to develop a basic healthy food business plans from marketing to financial planning to negotiations and deal-making.

At the end of the course, participants refine their ideas and develop their business plans and present them to a panel of judges during a final pitch event. The entrepreneur with the strongest business plan is awarded $20,000 in seed capital.

Danielle was at a loss for words when it was revealed that her business LadyBelle Farm Market was the winner.

Danielle named her business after her mother-in-law, whose middle name is Belle. Her husband’s aunts also share that middle name. Her business will utilize the spin farming concept which is an organic-based system for growing high value crops.

“We will supply everything that can create a well-balanced diet,” she said.

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