Mae’s Sweets with Soul

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Charleston, South Carolina

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Lillie realized her baking was special the day she watched her granddaughter eat a generous portion of the lemon curb filling she was working on.

“My little granddaughter was five or six then and I couldn’t believe she ate it,” she said. “You don’t generally see children eat Lemon curd.”

Growing up, Lillie would watch her grandma make cakes, cookies, and pies for the family. Later in life, Lillie became passionate about baking. She would spend a lot of time in her kitchen baking for her family, just like her grandmother did.

“I like to put my music on while I’m baking and it is usually Stevie Wonder that I am listening to,” Lille said.

Lillie and her husband Carl decided to open their bakery, Mae’s Sweet with Soul, after receiving positive responses from their family and community about Lillie’s baking. Their Black and Veteran owned business is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Baking is almost therapeutic,” said Lillie, who’s said her favorite thing to bake was Carrot Cake. “I find it to be relaxing and I love trying out new recipes.”

Lillie and Carl came to South Carolina Community Loan Fund (SCCLF) for financing the construction of the building their business will exist in. SCCLF is a community development financial institution providing equitable access to capital and financing projects and small businesses that build healthy, resilient South Carolina communities. Find out about our loan programs here.
Their bakery will be modeled after a home and will include a dining room, sitting area and a front porch where customers can sit down and relax. Mae’s Sweet with Soul will have traditional baked goods like cookies, brownies, blondies and pies.

“We want people to feel comfortable when they visit our business and like they are coming into someone’s home,” said Carl. “We want the space to be inviting and we encourage our community to come have slice of Lillie’s cake multiple times a week.”

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