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Lindsey and Stanton Scoma are the husband and wife team behind Piecewise Coffee Company, a neighborhood coffee shop located in Cayce, South Carolina.

For years the pair dreamed of owning their own family business. The Scomas found an ideal storefront in this neighborhood in the midst of the city’s revitalization efforts, but they needed additional funding to renovate the space.

As a start-up, the Scomas did not have the business experience necessary to be approved for a loan through a traditional financial institution.

The couple consulted with the Small Business Development Center to develop their business plan and were eventually referred to SCCLF as a potential lender.

SCCLF’s lending team worked with the couple to ensure they were ready to borrow and were able to approve them for an $118,459 loan to complete the renovations. The Scomas opened Piecewise Coffee Company in 2019.

They are striving to make Piecewise Coffee a place where everyone feels like part of the larger community and envision the coffee shop serving “as a hub for people in the community to function together."

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