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Community Facility

Hollywood, South Carolina is a small town in Charleston County. The town's government offices are located in a small facility the community has been renting for many years. In order to serve better serve the town's growing population, Hollywood's local government knew they needed to build a modern facility that could meet their needs.

The Town of Hollywood approached South Carolina Community Loan Fund for construction and permanent financing for their town hall. SCCLF saw this project
as a perfect opportunity to expand their support of SC's rural communities by working closely with Hollywood's government throughout lending process.

The 6,781-square foot town hall will serve as a cornerstone of a much-needed civic center for Hollywood's residents. The town's civic center will be anchored by
the town hall, the St. Paul's Public Library, and a green space for Hollywood to host events for their community. The town has also included their citizens in the design and planning process, empowering their residents to have a hand in shaping the community in which they live. The result is a facility which will serve the Hollywood community for years to come.

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