The Affordable Housing movement needs YOUR voice

Date: August 12, 2020
Category: Advocacy

Housing is a basic human right yet a person making minimum wage in South Carolina would have to work at least 82 hours a week to afford a simple one bedroom rental home listed at Fair Market Rent.  

Across the Palmetto state, there is a significant shortage of rental homes that are affordable and available to extremely low income households.  About 4,000 people experience homelessness in South Carolina on any given night for various reasons.

Housing should not be a privilege

The United Nations defines the right to adequate housing as “the right to live somewhere in security, peace, and dignity” which is a not a privilege for households that fall under the persistent poverty line.

Low income households are more likely than other renters to sacrifice other necessities to pay rent such as healthy food and healthcare. They often experience unstable housing situations like evictions. This reality does not allow for them to experience security, peace, or dignity.

Affordable Housing makes a difference

Affordable Housing contributes to the basic human need for shelter while also supporting the wellbeing of vulnerable families and seniors.

Affordable Housing increases the amount of money families put towards household needs, it contributes to educational outcomes by creating stable living environments and improves the mental and physical health of residents by improving quality of life.

What can you do to support?

Speak up.  The most important thing you can do in support of Affordable Housing is to advocate for multiple family affordable housing developments in your local community. 

You can do so by speaking up at a town hall meeting or getting in contact with your legislators to let them know your stance on this basic human right.

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