Since our inception in 2004, we have financed more than $53.6 million in loans throughout the state of South Carolina, resulting in the completion of more than $351 million in community development projects.

Our Process

1. Submit Loan Inquiry

Contact our office at 843-973-7285 or submit a loan inquiry form and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your financing needs.

2. Discuss Loan

A member of our staff will meet with you to discuss the project and loan structure in more detail. We will ask additional questions regarding project or business location, cosigners, controlling entities, collateral, credit, and equity. If you are a good candidate for one of our loan programs, you will be directed to begin the application process.

4. Obtain Technical Assistance

We provide free one-on-one technical assistance to support you in the completion of our loan application package. Contact our office at 843-973-7285 to schedule a technical assistance session.

5. Submit Application & Attachments

Submit the completed loan application, required attachments, and payment of a $575 nonrefundable application fee to the South Carolina Community Loan Fund office located at 1051-A Gardner Road, Suite 302 Charleston, SC 29407. Documents may be emailed to

6. Loan Underwriting

Once a full loan application package has been submitted, our staff will analyze the feasibility of the proposed loan and may require submission of additional information to support the loan decision.

7. Loan Review

The size of the loan determines the final review and approval process, which may involve members of our staff, an external loan review committee, or the full board of directors. Potential borrowers will be notified promptly of the loan decision.

8. Sign Commitment Letter

Once a loan has been approved the potential borrower will be sent a written loan commitment letter. The borrower has 10 days to sign and return the loan commitment letter.

9. Close Loan

The borrower has 45 days from the date of the commitment letter to close the loan. Loan closing instructions will be included in the commitment letter. We will send an email to the closing attorneys and borrower to proceed to closing. A copy of the signed commitment letter is included in this email.